Before starting the Orbi RBR20 firmware steps you need to know what the Orbi RBR20 firmware issues are and what firmware is. A firmware is a program inside your router that has specified sets of instructions using the Orbi Login IP. It defines the functionality and features of the router. To get the optimum performance of your router you need to install and update its firmware and get rid of ORbi RBR20 firmware issues. Follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Orbi RBR20 router and navigate to Administrative settings.
  • On the Admin page, you will see the Orbi RBR20 Firmware Update tab. Click the tab and you will be redirected to the Orbi RBR20 firmware update window.
  • One the Orbi firmware update window, click Update and let your router download the latest firmware version.
  • In case you want to perform the Orbi RBR20 firmware download process manually, download the latest firmware from the Orbi official website and upload it to your router’s web interface. 
  • You can update the firmware of your router by either manual process or automatic process.
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